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Theresa A. Gabler, M.S. CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathology

& Accent Modification Services

Karen works twice as hard as her college classmates to get through the same textbook. Bobby's grade school teacher says he's bright but is a discipline problem.

Mike is conscientious, but when his boss gives simple verbal instructions, he gets confused.

Arjun has the knowledge and skills to succeed in business, however he faces roadblocks each day in communicating with his collegues. Once proud of his abilities, he now withdraws from conversations, for fear his accent will impact his ability to share his thoughts.

These people have speech and language problems. They are among the one in six Americans with communication disorders.

Without help, they may fail in school and work. With help, their success has no limits. Enter to learn more about how a certified speech-language pathologist in your community may be able to help.